Ultrasonic Pet Dog Repeller Device

1. Trigger the ultrasonic circuit through the barking of the dog, and send out a harsh ultrasonic wave for 5 seconds (the human can't hear it, the dog can hear it), making the dog feel very uncomfortable (no harm to the dog).
After repeated iterations, the dog established a conditional reflex, knowing that the sound wave appeared because of his own arrogance, and then no longer easily screamed.
2. It is equipped with a power adapter and plug-in. It does not need to change the battery frequently.
3. Effective distance 5M, very suitable for hotels, restaurants, courtyards, garages and other places.

Product Name: Outdoor Ultrasonic Drive Dog Stopper
Specification: 9.3*6*11.4CM
Material: ABS plastic
Power supply: AC 9V 600mA
CE certified.

Package include:
1 box [stopper + adapter + screw *2+ fixed base]

Battery free, with adapter
1. Do not install wet, leaking, sunlit, and easily accessible areas.
2. Do not invert or install horizontally to avoid affecting sensitivity.
3. The human ear should not be close to the transmitter to avoid discomfort.

The triggering method of the sound accumulation (integration circuit), that is, the monophonic barking or the short noise around is not triggered. In general, only three consecutive barkings will trigger, so that the environmental noise is effectively filtered out. Or the false trigger caused by the dog's occasional call. However, due to the environmental noise, the size of the dog's card, and the uncertainty of the distance between the dog and the machine, it is not certain that the "three consecutive voices will trigger". This does not affect the use effect.




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